Purpose Driven Living

We’re repeatedly told that we all have unique gifts and that God has a purpose for each of our lives. I wholeheartedly believe that God loves us more than we could ever imagine and that each of our lives is an essential and irreplaceable strand of thread for the masterpiece of this universe He is creating. I believe we all have a calling. I believe we all have a place. Some of us are meant to be pastors and preachers and teachers; some of us writers or singers of worship songs; some of us were made to be moms and dads and raise beautiful families. Some were made to be doctors and lawyers and athletes and businessmen. We were all made for something. I don’t believe there is a right or a wrong path when you chase your passions and let God lead the way.

img_1058I have never really been normal. My dad says I’m a conundrum really. I have always been a dreamer. Shooting for the stars and hoping I’ll land on the bright side of the moon. My life is highly organized and structured yet I thrive on autonomy and creativity. I love learning but hate sitting behind a desk. I love reading but can’t study for more than ten minutes. I am a planner but live for spontaneity. I know rules are necessary but I love to break them. I want to change the world and make a difference but I don’t want to do it writing policy – I want to do it by loving people well.

One time I hiked this really steep mountain in the snow with boots that were way too tight. I was in a rush to leave so rather than try them on, I just grabbed a pair and said let’s get on our way. My feet were so uncomfortable and hurt tremendously the whole trek. I know if I had just been patient and made sure they fit, I would have been able to enjoy the journey and the views so much more. I think we spend a lot of our lives doing the same thing. Rushing to fit into schools or jobs or relationships that just aren’t right, and we don’t get to fully enjoy the experience. Having the patience and courage to trust that God will place us right where we belong will pay out heaps in the long run.44285650_10210561168299961_6582332295049379840_n

The truth is I have spent most of my days chasing lots of things. Growing up as an athlete, I chased soccer balls and basketballs and footballs all over the field. I would like to think throughout my running career most of the time it was others chasing me but realistically that hasn’t always been the case, especially since I traded in track spikes for weightlifting shoes. Like most people, I have chased success in various places, sought after awards and accolades, and yearned for the approval of others. I have chased notoriety and a false sense of identity and belonging. I have chased waterfalls and mountain peaks and all sorts of adventures. And most of all, I have chased boys. Specifically I have chased love. I can’t help it. I love love. Then again I also love boys. As you can imagine that has gotten me into my fair share of trouble over the years. Here’s the thing though. It was in the pursuit of boys, or specifically a boy, that I found the love I had always been searching for. And ever since we met, I haven’t stopped chasing him. When I say chase, I don’t mean a casual stroll or a jog, I mean a full blown sprint. I am running after him like my life depends on it – because it does.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I get winded. I get really tired. Sometimes walking sounds a whole lot easier. Sometimes I see something shiny and want so badly to go run off after that. But then I remember. I remember that a life following Jesus is a life full of unconditional, unbelievable, unmatched love. I know that the prize at the end of this race is better than anything I could ever wander after. I know that a life of chasing God is a life of freedom, of passion, of adventure, and of love. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m all in. I don’t think God chooses specific people to do specific things. I think some people just get it right and do the things they love and do them for God. I think we can all live out our purpose in whatever we do if we do it for Him.

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