SHIPFIT is a fitness program designed for all sailors during any sea state. Fit for sea, fit for duty, and fit for life is the goal. With a rapidly declining number of incoming sailors and increasing number of unsat PFT scores, this new, innovative, and effective training is what the US Navy needs. There is a direct correlation between exercise and productivity levels, mood, energy, motivation, stress, and intrinsic/extrinsic reward. Life underway presents a variety of drastic lifestyle changes that sailors and Marines must overcome all while working full time. Physical, emotional, relational, and mental fitness are tested throughout one’s stint at sea. After nine months at sea with varying staffs, crews, and embarked personnel it has become clear that obesity, personnel on FEP, chronic illness and injury, depression, and poor morale are all extremely prevalent at sea. The solution? Preventative care, starting at the foundation. Health and wellness. SHIPFIT provides sailors a variety of training programs, educational opportunities, and challenges and competitions.

Programs:  – adaptable for all fitness levels and sea states

  • Basic
  • Endurance
  • Fatloss
  • Conditioning
  • Athlete
  • Personal Training



  • Nutrition classes and seminars
  • Sleep and recovery
  • Mental and emotional health/ stress relief



  • Flat seas
  • 5-10 ft rolls
  • 10 ft + rolls
  • Weather conditions


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